Funny, brilliant, worth every minute
— iTunes review


Whether it's about the woman who sequenced the Ebola virus, or a pizza delivery gone wrong, I write and produce stories that help you do two things: become a better thinker, and, hopefully, a better human being.

From social dynamics to deliberate practice, I break down the why and the practical how-to, using a multi-disciplinary, research-driven approach. 

Whether you just decided to mistakenly text John that he "smells nice" or you just bought a family-sized pack of Argyle sweaters from Costco last month and suddenly realized your life has no purpose, you're at the right place.

So join me. I think you'll be surprised.


About Me

I’m the host and producer of Moonwalk.

I’ve worked with New York Times bestselling authors (from Robert Greene to Ryan Holiday), and I love books–probably too much for my own good. I work with platforms and authors to craft, build, and spread their message.


Contact Me

If you’d like to reach out or work together, reach me at imohnish@gmail.com. I don’t bite.