This shit is wonderful
— Cam Poter, Host and Producer

The INSIDER Newsletter designed to cut through the noise

We're flooded with Youtube channels. We're inundated with Netflix shows. We're decimated by 24/7 news stations.

And it's like guzzling french fries drizzled in hot chocolate, and doing it everyday for years.

But at the root, we want different. We want to be better people. We want to think better than we did the day before. In total: we want to improve.

And that's what this newsletter is about. You'll get updates on all the latest writing and podcasts I put out, all with one goal: to pull together the best ideas and stories using a multi-disciplinary, research-driven approach.

Plus, you'll get book recommendations straight from me. Think of it as a cheat code to figure out which books are worth your time, which books will change your life, and which books will stay with you long after you've put them down.

I promise: you'll only get the best bits. That means ideas that are real, practical, and grounded in the good stuff (everything from philosophy to psychology to economics). It's writing and podcasts and books that taste like there's hot chocolate drizzled all over them, but won't give you mental bloating at 2 AM in the morning.