John Lennon, or Making Your Relationship Work (with Cam Poter!)


Being in a relationship takes work. Plus, love (cue the saxophones) can make Operation Relationship get a little complicated. But what does the science say? On this episode, special guest Cam Poter returns with Mohnish and Kevin and cover:

- How do you keep a relationship alive, strong, and on the right track without screwing it up?

- Is there a right time for love?

- What's the big danger point for couples where many are prone to break up - but shouldn't?

- Is "true love forever" biologically impossible? (hint: yes) 

- Why do arranged marriages have just as good, if not better, marital satisfaction than love marriages?


About Cam Poter

- Cam is the man and you need to listen to his wonderful podcast "Sex Talk with my Mom". It's just incredible, open, honest, sincere, and hilarious. Seriously - listen to this podcast, we highly recommend it. Subscribe here. 


Research, Fun Stuff, and More

- A lot of the data that was talked about here was from the wonderful (seriously - it's awesome) blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree - here's the post on how to make a relationship last.  Incredibly data-driven + empirically backed writing. 

- Jonathan Haidt (award-winning psychologist, author) is one of the best out there, hands down. The "Love and Attachments" chapter from the book, The Happiness Hypothesis, explains in full detail how love is a drug, the inverse correlation between passionate love and companionate love, and the danger points that couples face. Incredible read.


Production Team - Credits and Special Thanks

Special Guest: Cam Poter

Host, Producer, Audio Mixing, Editing, and Research: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Hosts: Kevin Sanji

Content Ideation and Feedback: Mohnish Soundararajan, Vysali Soundararajan, Justine Brumm, and Kevin Sanji 

Random Saxophone: MusicByPedro, Solo Sax 1

Music: Electric Mantis

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