Outthinking Stress (with Caroline Beaton!), or Into the Jungle


Stress comes in all shapes and sizes. Thousands of years ago, people stressed out about wild animals attacking them. Today, you're not being attacked by wild animals unless you work for Discovery channel. On this very, very, very special episode (you'll see what I mean), special guest Caroline Beaton (award-winning researcher and writer at Forbes), Mohnish, and Kevin cover: 

- How can you outthink stress and make it your friend? 

- Why is stress evolutionarily programmed into us?

- How do you stress less? 

- What's the one pill with only good side effects you should take everyday? 

And more, all on this episode.


Who's Caroline Beaton?

- She's awesome and you should absolutely check out her stuff - well informed, researched backed, and she knows what she's talking about. She writes on millennials, psychology, purpose, and modern work. For more, check out her site here. 


The Facts

- Thanks for Kelly McGonigal for her book The Upside of Stress (with all the great research) and her wonderful TED talk which informed the big ideas in this piece.

- Special thanks to Caroline Beaton for the extra research, which was unexpected and wonderful.

- Thanks to Jonathan Haidt, Ph.D for the pill metaphor in The Happiness Hypothesis.


Production Team and Credits

Special Guest: Caroline Beaton

Host, Producer, Sound Design, Research: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Host: Kevin Sanji 

Feedback: Vysali Soundararajan, Kevin Sanji

Music: Electric Mantis

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