Travel the World Dangerously (with Andrea Wien!) or The Aleppo Pepper


Airline tickets. Sights. Sounds. Instagram posts with way too many likes. This can be your life -special guest Andrea Wien (host, author, business lady, and wine drinker) shows us how, plus covers:  

- How do you travel effectively? 

- How do you travel when you're shit-house broke? Where do you stay? When do you buy airline tickets? 

- If you're a guy, and all your guy friends rent a cabin in the woods, should you make out with them? 

- Why are some world travelers unhappy? 

- How do you calibrate between a safe trip and a dangerous trip? 


Who is Andrea Wien?

- She's awesome. She's a host, author, business lady and wine drinker. She's the author of the book "Gap to Great: A Parent's Guide to Gap Year", she's got a podcast (oh yeah!) Gap to Great, and you can find her work here. Highly recommended. 


The Facts

- Great piece by Ben Casnocha on the need for interpersonal relationships in travel.

- A good primer to Socioemotional selectivity Theory if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

- The Social Animal by David Brooks - you can find the Bob and Carl analogy there (the names are different in the book). Plus, it's an incredible read.  

- We had a lot of links in this episode that'll help you travel more effectively (all mentioned by Andrea). Here they are: Hostel World, Couchsurfing, Legal Nomads, U.S. International Travel Warnings, Nomadic Matt, Chris Guillebeau


Production Team and Credits

Special Guest: Andrea Wien

Host, Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Research: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Host: Kevin Sanji 

Feedback: Vysali Soundararajan

Music: Electric Mantis

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