Death by a Thousand Distractions: Why Your Mind is Slipping

“I heard this story of this guy, and he was rushed to the emergency room because he was having heart palpitations...because he was watching too much porn” — greyrocks1 

Your mind is slipping. We've been conditioned to check our phones every 20 minutes, grapple with an inability to read essays longer than two paragraphs, and then scroll through our Twitter feeds at 2AM in the morning while crying softly in our sleep. 

But on the internet, there's people who are fighting back.

So, a few days ago I reached out. I waited, waited, and then - two usernames responded: thunderbolt-zhu and greyrocks1.

I have no idea who they are. But they said they wanted to talk. 

On this episode, we cover:

- Who is thunderbolt-zhu and greyrocks1?

- Why our minds are slipping, and how we can stop it

- The real cognitive consequences of the internet, our phones, and technology

- Why was the man in the retail store bleeding? 

- Strategies to rebuild your attention and focus 

And more, all on this episode. 


The Facts

Moonwalk is produced and hosted by Mohnish Soundararajan. It's co-hosted by Kevin Sanji, and this episode was edited by Jarrod Sport and Justine Brumm.

Music is by Podington Bear

Feedback is by Jarrod Sport, Kevin Sanji, and Justine Brumm.

Special thanks to Nick and Conrad. Check out nosurf and check out their blog, Kaizenhabits.

Big thanks to my sister, Vysali, and a huge thanks to the researchers who helped bring the science alive. Thanks to Cal Newport for his book, Deep Work


The Fun Stuff

- The research on the harms of internet aren't elusive - they're well-documented and the effects are real. For an in-depth discussion, check out Deep Work or The Shallows (Nick's recommendations). Deep Work changed me, and is one of the most influential books I've ever read - highly recommended. 

- Conrad has a good article (with the strategy he details in the podcast). You can find it here.