From Hawaii with Love: I'm Afraid of Showing Interest

“No - No. What the fuck is up with the texts?” — Karen Lee Poter

On December 24th, we got an email: 

"I'm very attractive in certain social groups, but I'm afraid of showing interest. I'm afraid of coming off as a creeper. On the bright side, I'm seen as very safe ;}"

For this Q&A, we sit down with Karen Lee Poter and use everything in our toolbox from evolutionary psychology to Kevin's love life, to solve this guy's crisis. 

A throwback to our earlier seasons, we strip away the bells and whistles, and cover:

- How to effectively show romantic interest in someone, without coming off as the weirdest person on the planet

- How to build confidence and - if you can swing it - meta-confidence

- How to ask someone out, if you're terrified of doing so 

- The crucial difference between narrowcasting and broadcasting


The Facts

Moonwalk is produced and hosted by Mohnish Soundararajan. It's co-hosted by Kevin Sanji, and edited by Jarrod Sport. 

Music is by Podington Bear

Feedback is by Jarrod Sport, Kevin Sanji, and Justine Brumm.

Our main guest is Karen Lee Poter - listen to her podcast, Sex Talk With My Mom, and you can find her at the Karen Lee Poter Show.

Special thanks to Alec, Jenn, and Mohi. Big thanks to the anonymous Aladdin.

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