Love at First Hundredth Sight: A Counterintuitive Approach to Learning

"Mohnish is about to lose his mind" - Kevin Sanji

Per Se is the 3rd most expensive restaurant in the world. Marisa Negro - a pastry chef - works at the 3-star Michelin restaurant (12 hour days are a minimum). 

Ever since she could remember, she loved cooking.

But when she was 19, she fell in love. And - surprisingly - that story is much different than what happened with cooking. Weirder still, it brings us to something else: the secret to falling in love with learning.

On this episode, we cover:

- How to fall in love with learning a skill 

- Are you born to be good?

- The counterintuitive secret to rapid skill acquisition

- How did Marisa first fall in love?

And more, all on this episode. 


The Facts

Moonwalk is produced and hosted by Mohnish Soundararajan. It's co-hosted by Kevin Sanji, and this episode was edited by Jarrod Sport, Kevin Sanji, and Justine Brumm.

Music is by Podington Bear and Eter Dub.

Special thanks to Marisa, Airis and Lucas. Check out Airis' site here. Lucas Sin runs Junzi Kitchen

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