Post Grad Blues: Fill the Hole in Your Soul with Learning

"...And then the dread sets in - that immeasurable depression and blackness of your future that you have no bearing of what it's going to hold" - Devyn Tammons

After you do the song and dance, put on the goofy outfit, and grab your diploma cover - graduation's over.

But then the void hits. You have too much time. Boredom sets in. That excitement you had - it's gone. You start asking what the meaning of life is, and negotiate whether or not you can find it between the melted cheese of a ham sandwich.

You are losing your mind.

But, thankfully - as you spiral into a deep and deafening madness - there is something you can do. 

On this episode, we talk about that something, how to do it, and why it's so, so important. 


The Facts

Moonwalk is produced and hosted by Mohnish Soundararajan. It's co-hosted by Kevin Sanji.  Feedback is by Justine Brumm.

Music is by Podington Bear.

Special thanks to Devyn Tammons and Alec! 

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