The Church of Mise en Place: Organize Your Life Like a Chef

"I don't know how to describe was a traumatic experience" - Airis Johnson

There's a church, right in the culinary underbelly, that no one knows about. It makes you work faster, work easier, and work better. It has no God, and it's followers wear chef whites, dice onions, and produce culinary experiences that would you make your grandfather's face explode right off. 

We wanted to know more - so, we got a few chefs who've worked at Michelin star restaurants to talk: 

- What is Mise en Place? 

- What are the basics of organization?

- How do you prep your day-to-day?

- When you have no time, everything's on fire, and you have no idea what to do - what do you do? 

And more all on this episode. 


The Facts

Moonwalk is produced and hosted by Mohnish Soundararajan. It's co-hosted by Kevin Sanji, and this episode was edited by Jarrod Sport and Justine Brumm.

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Special thanks to Airis and Sandy. Check out Airis' site here, and Sandy's The Kosher Tomato here. Lucas Sin runs Junzi Kitchen.

Thanks to Kevin MacLeod for "In the Hall of the Mountain King" and Kenzie Vaness, for the clip "Cooking in the Kitchen"

Big shoutout to Dan Charnas for his book Work Clean, which inspired this piece.

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