Gordie Goes to Hell: Turning Disadvantages into Advantages

My parents thought they hit the jackpot with me
— Gordie Bufton

There’s a woman who buys a ticket. She gets in a plane, and passes all these little cultures of hills and cars and highways, and then - 2,000 miles later - realizes that the man whom she gave birth to and bought diapers in bulk for, is actually a complete shit show. On this episode, we talk about the shit show, and dive into a question that’s older than Nietzsche himself: can disadvantages be turned into advantages? Is that complete nonsense? And if it’s true, why does the research give a different picture?


The Facts

Moonwalk is hosted, written, and produced by Mohnish Soundararajan. Episode was co-hosted by Kevin Sanji. Feedback is by Jarrod Sport, Kevin Sanji, Justine Brumm, Justin Sheppard, and Mary Moran.

Special thanks to Gordie Bufton, Lisa Moore, and Mark Seery.

Music is by Podington Bear.