Saving Thousands on Air Travel (with Tim van der Lee!), or Confessions of a Travel Hacker


Here's Tim. He's like the guy from Taken - he's got a very specific set of skills that make him a nightmare for airlines. If you're 20, you've got pennies to fly on. But, if you game the system, saving thousands on airline tickets is easier than you think. On this episode, special guest Tim van der Lee and Mohnish cover:

- How to save thousands on flights, for novices

- An easy, actionable framework Tim uses to travel for pennies on the dollar

- How does Mohnish know Tim and why is it ridiculous?

- The economics behind price discrimination and why the same person traveling next to you paid a thousand dollars more for the same seat

- Advanced ways to save on flights that can get you sued by the entire legal representation of United Airlines

- Why is finance so boring?


The Facts

- Thanks to the wonderful, wonderful book Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan for explaining the economics of price discrimination and the breakdown of airlines. 

- The strategy (mentioned at the end of the episode). The framework will not really make sense unless you listen to the episode - it's explained pretty efficiently there. Once you get it, use this for reference:

#1: Use Google Flights

#2: Book that shit in advance but compare within the timeframe (3 months to 3 weeks)

#3: Price in Baggage Fees and Cancellation Fees

#4: Sign up for Points, and if you can, get points through a credit card, shopping through portals, and opportunities at

#5: Stay the weekend. Don't be the CEO.

#6: Don't get sued by United


Production Team and Credits

Special Guest: Tim van der Lee

Host, Producer, Sound Design, Editor, Research: Mohnish Soundararajan

Content Feedback: Justine Brumm

Music: Electric Mantis

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