Living with Your Friends, Reimagined (with Al Jeffery!), or The Roseto Mystery


In America, it goes: you live with your parents, you live with your roommates, you live with your spouse, and then you die. Al Jeffery is trying to change that. In this episode, the guys cover how to live with your friends, how to find them in the first place, plus:

- What specific steps do you need to take to find a social circle (a tribe, if you will) that fits who you are?   

- What happened to the mysterious town of Roseto?

- How do you make the transition from living by yourself in LA and crying into your Chinese takeout, to coliving with a thriving community of 100+ people?  

- What's an effective tactic to make sure your roommates don't want to punch you in the face or, how do you get 'Roommate Resentment Insurance'?

- Why should you rethink the way you're living? 


Who is Al Jeffery?

Now (next to starting a coliving space in Australia), he's an author. If you dug what he had to say, he has a book coming out called Modern Tribe (the cover is beautiful) but he needs your help: He needs to get a specific amount of preorders before he can publish his book. To check out the book, click here.


The Facts

The Roseto effect is real and it's ridiculous. But the most important contribution? It wasn't just the tightly-knit community that was important (though, that's the point of the story). It helped show that stress (bad stress) is linked with heart attacks. This was a major turning point in medicine, and is one of researchers (at least, I think) most brilliant finds. Really counterintuitive.

- This is the 8,000th time we've said this, but we're wired to connect. Interpersonal relationships are important. A good starter is - well, really - any psychology textbook you've read. 

- Coliving looks incredible. Here's an example in the U.S. (welivethat looked interesting and really made me reimagine how we live. 


Production Team and Credits

Special Guest: Al Jeffery

Host, Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Research: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Host and Feedback: Kevin Sanji 

Music: Electric Mantis

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