Better at Dating (with Joe Antenucci!), or The Helping Joe Experiment


When it comes to dating, most of us have no idea what the hell we're doing. But one guy decided to try something different. And in the process, he didn't just reinvent his dating life - he changed the romantic lives of thousands of guys across the country. The truth is - it's not what you think and it's not what you expect. Special guest Joe Antenucci sits down with the guys and cover:

- The specific process Joe used to exponentially improve his dating life (with the help of a few guys)

- How to recreate a derivative of that process for yourself (and be a normal human being)

- An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at "Helping Joe" 

- How long should you wait to text back? 

- What is deliberate practice? What's a mating market? 


The Facts

- First things first - listen to Helping Joe. Here's The Mating Grounds too. Special thanks to Joe for letting us use some of the best clips from the show. 

- Here's the guys behind Helping Joe: Tucker MaxCharlie Hoehn, and Nils Parker. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant and worth reading everything they have. 

- They've got a wonderful book - Mate. Best book on dating, bar none. Co-written by Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller (professor at the University of New Mexico) and it's the only book on the subject that has more research references in the back than all of my college textbooks combined. 

- I used some data from Date-nomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game by Jon Birger - numbers were taken by the U.S. Census Bureaus's American Community Survey. In that example, Birger's talking about the "man deficit" - a phenomenon of less men than women nationally.

- Kevin referenced Daring Greatly. I read that years ago - but it's still incredible and if you ever wanted to read a book on emotional vulnerability, you just found it.

- Curious about deliberate practice? Here's more. Also, Malcolm Gladwell and Cal Newport talk like goddamn pro's on this subject, so check them out too.  

- The military uses an OODA loop in combat operations. Here's more on that. 


Production Team and Credits

Special Guest: Joe Antenucci

Host, Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Research: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Host: Kevin Sanji

Feedback: Jarrod SportNathan Lieberman, Justine Brumm, Vysali Soundararajan, Kevin Sanji 

Intro Music: Electric Mantis 

Clips: (Special thanks to Joe Antenucci for letting us use clips from 'Helping Joe'!) Episode 7 of 'Helping Joe'Episode 31 of 'Helping Joe'.

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