Why We Don't Stick to Our Workouts, or The Fitness Expert


Sticking to your workouts, day in and day out, is almost as easy as entering an intergalactic wormhole that bends and transcends the physics of time and space. Most of absolutely suck at it so hard that it would make your ancestors, relatives, and next door neighbors cry and publically disown you. On this episode, Armi tells a secret, and we talk about:

- How to stick to a workout routine, forever 

- How battling with an eating disorder changed the way Armi looked at science

- The counterintuitive flip that changed Armi's fitness approach

- Why everyone is wrong. Except Armi. 

- The science of adherence, implementation intentions, the hot and cold effect, and more

- How to use the habit loop to your advantage

And more, all on this episode.


The Facts

- Armi does fitness for a living and understands the science better than some people know how to breathe air. The reason he's on the podcast is precisely because of how good he is at what he does. His podcast - Complete Human Performance - is the next step if you want to learn, understand, and reach your potential when it comes to fitness. Highly, highly, highly recommended. 

- The habit loop was taken from the awesome book, The Power of Habit. There's a lot of nuance and detail to habits - here's the first book to read if you're into it.

- The clips of Sohee Lee were from Complete Human Performance. She knows her stuff, is incredibly well-versed in the literature, and is smart, smart, smart. Here's her material if you're curious. 

- More on implementation intentions


Special Credits

Special Guest: Armi Legge

Host, Producer, Research, Editor, and Sound Design: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Host: Kevin Sanji

Feedback: Justine Brumm and Kevin Sanji

Clips: Complete Human Performance

Intro Music: Electric Mantis

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