How to Change Someone's Mind, or The Boxing Gloves


Imagine you made a bet. You get a car, a jet plane, and a pet tiger if you win. And all you have to do is convince your mother that global warming is real. Could you do it?

If you want to change someone's mind about anything, we've got 5 guidelines on exactly how to do it. It's non-obvious, it's counter-intuitive, but it works. We cover:

- How to change someone's mind about anything (including getting them to marry you)

- The importance of intellectual honesty

- How dangerous is drunk walking?

- Why social media feels like a battleground

- How to have a hard conversation with anyone, and do it like a pro


The Facts

- Huge inspiration for this entire podcast is from the chapter "How to Persuade Someone Who Doesn't Want to Be Persuaded" in the book, Think Like a Freak. The Freakonomics guys are brilliant and I love, love, love their books (especially this one). Buy it with zeal. 

- The effects of drunk walking are well documented. More about it here. 

- Sam Harris is one of my favorite thinkers and hands-down, one of the most brilliant guys I've read. He helped me understand the importance of changing your mind. More on that here. 

- Damaging Admissions - sales technique from the Personal MBA. 


Production and Credits

Host, Producer, Research, Editor, Sound Design: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Host: Kevin Sanji

Special Cameo: Vysali Soundararajan

Feedback: Jarrod Sport, Vysali Soundararjan, Kevin Sanji, Justine Brumm

Inspiration: Think Like A Freak, by Stephen Levitt and Stephen Dubner

Sound Effect Attribution: Boxing Bell by Benboncan

Intro and Outro Music: Electric Mantis

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