Why Are We Obsessed with Snapchat? or Confessions of a Snapchat Celebrity (with Virginia Salas Kastilio!)


Everyone is losing their minds. Flat out - we're obsessed with Snapchat. But why? Why do we use it the way we use it? And why did our special guest used to receive 40 "below-the-belt" pics a day from random strangers? Well - ladies, gents - we've got answers. Special guest Virginia Salas Kastilio and the guys cover:

- The reality of becoming a Snapchat celebrity

- Why are we obsessed with Snapchat?

- The evolutionary and social underpinnings of why we use Snapchat

- How does Kevin use Snapchat?

- Also: how much ridiculous, dramatic music can Mohnish get away with?

And more, all on this episode.


Who is Virginia Salas Kastilio?

- Virginia really blew me away with how fun it was to talk to her. She's got a t-shirt brand which is based in an interesting idea: you see someone wearing the shirt, you give them a hug. Here's the link. 

- She's the founder and CEO of the very first (not kidding) Snapchat consulting agency. If you want to grow a product launch, your business, or any other pet project, and you think Snapchat can help you get there, she's actually the best in the biz. 

- We also alluded to Virginia's fame. Here's her username: ginicanbreathe. Add her! 


The Facts 

- Signaling Theory baby! We've talked about it a billion times, but here's a breakdown of the idea. 

- Here's a wonderful breakdown of the pros and cons of fame. Very insightful essay. 

- Cornell study which shows the differences in the way we use Snapchat vs. other social media platforms. 


Production and Credits

Special Guest: Virginia Salas Kastilio 

Host, Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Research: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Host, Editor: Kevin Sanji

Feedback: Jarrod Sport, Kevin Sanji, and Justine Brumm

Intro Music: Electric Mantis

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