Can Hard Work and Experience Make You Worse? or Steve Faloon's Memory


Hard work and experience can make you worse at what you do. This sounds absolutely bat-nut insane and it sounds wrong - but it's not. I'll take you back to the 70's, the early 1900's, and back to the present to a modern-day Japanese pushup champion to uncover why we get worse with hard work and experience (and, of course, what to do instead). In this episode, we cover: 

- Why Steve Faloon's short-term memory mattered

- The nature of hard work and experience over a long period of time

- How to become an expert at what you do 

- The key to expert performance - at anything

Huge thanks to Anders Ericsson's book Peak - which inspired this. 


The Facts

- Deliberate practice is one of the most important finds from performance science I've ever discovered. If you want to be great at anything (seriously - even talking, teaching, etc.), using the principles of deliberate practice can open up what you thought wasn't possible. The book, Peak, by Anders Ericsson (the father of this research) and Robert Pool. One of the best reads on the subject and one of the best reads, period. 


Production and Credits

Host, Producer, Sound Design, and Editing: Mohnish Soundararajan

Huge thanks to Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool for all the research covered in Peak

Co-Host: Kevin Sanji

Feedback: Jarrod Sport, Kevin Sanji, Justine Brumm 

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