How to Break Into the White House / Engineer Your Own Luck

"We can curse all we want, but this is the most explicit thing that's ever been said on our podcast" - Mohnish Soundararajan, to Ted Gonder

While your friend Jen is working at the White House, you're on the couch eating Ramen at 4 o' clock in the morning and you can barely feel your face. Jen - you figure - must be lucky. 

But what if you could reverse engineer the moments that would come to define you? And what if you could break into the White House while doing it? The guys cover: 

- The weirdest thing about 5 Silicon Valley billionaires. 

- Is it possible to go from unlucky to lucky? 

- How do you engineer random chance in your life? Is it even possible? 

- What is "bulk, positive, randomness"? 

And more, all on this episode. 


The Facts 

- Our guest was the awesome Ted Gonder. Check him out if you're curious. He's the man. 

- Research was based from The Drunkard's Walk by Leonard Mlodinow and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. 

- Thanks to Ben Casnocha for the idea of bulk, positive randomness. 


Production and Special Credits

Host, Research, Production, Sound Design, Editing: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Host and Editing: Kevin Sanji 

Feedback: Jarrod Sport, Kevin Sanji, Justine Brumm

Intro Music: Electric Mantis

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