The Danger Zone / How Top Gun Can Reinvent Your Career

“Once you pull that handle....there’s no turning back” — Dave "Bio" Baranek

In 1969, the United States established an elite school for the top one percent of it's pilots. The Navy calls it Fighter Weapons school. The flyers?

They call it Top Gun. And if you don't know what Top Gun is, know that Tom Cruise just called, and he wants me to tell you he's extremely disappointed.

But, here's the point: by extrapolating strategies from Top Gun, you can become amazing at what you do. And - it's backed up by research. On this episode, the guys and special guest Dave "Bio" Baranek (Top Gun Instructor, RIO, and author) cover:

- Whether you're an engineer, a doctor, a computer scientist, a lawyer, a marketer, or an entrepreneur - how do you break the sound barrier in your own career and blow past your peers? 

- What's it like to meet Tom Cruise? 

- Is it fun to crash in an F-14 and get waterboarded? (Hint: No.)

- Technically speaking, can you get on the highway to the danger zone?  

And more, all on this episode. 


The Facts

- Dave is awesome. If you loved Dave's stories, check out his book and site here! It's called Top Gun Days, and it dives deep into the mechanics of the Top Gun program. Also - he has an amazing photograph collection you have to see. 

- I watched Top Gun. Such a fun film. (You should watch it too.)

- Thanks to Cal Newport for his incredible thinking on the topic, and inspiring this piece. 


Production and Special Credits

Dave "Bio" Baranek - Special Guest, Photo Credit (Check out his book!) 

Mohnish Soundararajan - Host, Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Research

Jarrod Sport - Producer, Editor, Research, Feedback

Kevin Sanji - Co-Host 

Electric Mantis - Intro Music

Justine Brumm - Feedback

Movie Clips are from the film "Top Gun (1986)" 

Important Influences - Anders Ericsson, Cal Newport