Bugatti Shopping, or How Much Does Money Matter?


If you're going to college, are under 25, or you post on Facebook about your diamond-encrusted watch, you're probably broke (or are going to be broke) and think your bank account statement is going to fill the hole in your soul. On this episode, Mohnish, Kevin, and Armi cover:

- How much does money actually matter growing up?

- What's it like to eat PB&J's for a week straight because you're so poor?

- How do men and especially women think about money?

- What's the price tag on happiness? 

- And more, all on this episode


Research, Fun Stuff, and More

- I say this multiple times on the podcast, but when people buy things they don't need to display their wealth (for example, no one really needs a 40 bedroom mansion), it's called conspicuous consumption, which you can learn more about here. Also from what I've heard, Geoffrey Miller's book Spent (haven't read it, but he's brilliant) tie in with this.

- What's the magic income for happiness? Here's the research that talks about that magic number. Really fascinating.

- When you're super rich (think private jets and Bugatti shopping), there's pros and there's cons. Here's a wonderful, wonderful piece on thinking through the pros and cons of different levels of wealth by Ben Casnocha. 


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