Hammer, or How Does Social Media Affect Our Friendships?


Social media is nuts. On this episode, Mohnish, Kevin, and Armi talk about how social media affected their lives, talk about some ridiculous stories in the process, and cover:

- How, without social media, this podcast would never have happened

- Does it make us lonely? 

- Why is social media like a hammer?

- How can you use social media in a way that's actually healthy?

- What's a good way to find out if you're using social media like a crazy person?

- And more, all on this episode


Research, Fun Stuff, and More: 

- Aziz Ansari's book Modern Romance features some great insights on how social media is actually causing couples, romances, and love to happen that didn't even have the chance to happen years ago. Now, a guy from Australia and a girl from Ireland can maintain a relationship - all thanks to social media. There's a wonderful study in the book from 1932 that references that basically, nearly everyone got married to people just a couple blocks from each other, but now, that's changing. 

If you’re on social media for more than an hour a day, you probably feel shitty. The best thing I’ve ever done is get News Feed eradicator – will block out your news feed and make you less likely to want to browse Facebook. 

- Survey's indicate that most teens think social media only has a small amount of influence on their social connections. Armi's comment: They're likely deluding themselves. Kids know it's not cool or high-status to be known as the kid who's obsessed with social media. 

- You might've heard me say "Shoutout to Cam Poter!" on the episode. What the hell was I talking about? This. Cam Poter and his mom, Karen Poter, have a fantastic podcast (it's called Sex Talk with my Mom, and no, that's not a joke). It's open, painfully honest, and hilarious. 

- There was an Atlantic article that came out awhile back, that got everyone freaking out: Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? Eric Klinenberg (sociologist, co-author to Modern Romance) had an interesting rebuttal: Facebook Isn't Making Us Lonely. Both have pretty interesting perspectives on both sides of the issue - I lean with Eric Klinenberg on this one, merely because of the evidence. 


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