Lebron James, or Reigniting Lost Childhood Dreams


We talk about the dreams we gave up and cry about it on the podcast. On this episode, Mohnish, Kevin, and Armi cover:

- Why are some dreams worth giving up?

- How did Mohnish meet the Blue Power Ranger?

- If "follow your passion" is a flawed approach, what should you do instead? 

- How can you reincorporate what you loved doing as a kid into your daily life and why is "play" so important? 

- And more, all on this episode.


Research, Fun Stuff, and More

- If you noticed anything slightly different with the fluidity of the episode, this is one of our early episodes that we decided to throw in the mix: we definitely touch on understanding the intersection of passion and the marketplace, but there's a huge amount of room to go deeper in future episodes - let us know your thoughts.

- Mark Manson is brilliant. If you thought the adage "Find What You're Willing to Suffer For?" was my own heuristic, it's not - it's his. Read more about it here.

- Here's a picture of Lebron James playing the violin. I have no idea why I felt the need to share this.

- I helped Charlie Hoehn briefly with the book launch for "Play It Away" and I love, love, love the book. It's so short, but the first time I read it, I remember just feeling happy to be alive (weird feeling after a book). If you're struggling with anxiety or workaholism - or just want to feel good - this is your book. Absurdly actionable. 

- For a more academic book, Play by Stuart Brown is just jaw-droppingly wonderful and it's easy to read. Play is one of those missing ingredients to mental health that most people forget because they simply dismiss that "playing is for kids". Yeah, that's nonsense. Growing up doesn't mean becoming old, grumpy, and chastising Jimmy for stepping on your flower bed. A lot of growing up is learning to retain the kid inside you. 


Credits and Special Thanks

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