Wicked Smaht, or Is Intelligence Important?


Stop crying Matt Damon. On this episode, we talk about smarts - book smarts, street smarts, all the smarts. Mohnish, Armi, and Kevin cover:

- Does anyone care about your ACT, SAT or GPA?

- How smart is the high school jock?

- Can you become more intelligent?

- Why is "college = more income" wrong?

- And more, all on this episode


Research, Fun Stuff, and More

- The Social Animal by David Brooks is nuts. There's an intelligence chapter which you can check out (you can just start at the section of "Beyond IQ" if you're interested in skimming) and it really dives into the research - point by point - of how intelligence actually functions in the real world. 

- Scott Barry Kaufman is all about intelligence - he's got a podcast episode on one with Dr. Stuart Richie and he even has a book about it (I read the highlights and he pushes hard for growth mindset, as well as a new definition of intelligence). 

- A lot of the ideas from the podcast come from Dr. Miller and Tucker Max and here's their awesome breakdown of the topic - really, really phenomenal listen. 

- Carol Dweck, Ph.D (not Carl Dweck!) was the leading researcher who really pushed for growth mindset and found that having it improves not just your academic performance but your life performance (that means better relationships, well-being, etc.). She's wonderful. 


Credits and Special Thanks

Main Host: Mohnish Soundararajan

Co-Hosts: Kevin Sanji and Armi Legge

Research and Editing: Mohnish Soundararajan

Content Ideation and Feedback: Mohnish Soundararajan, Vysali Soundararajan, Justine Brumm

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